Legions of Death Spoilers

Legions of Death is expected to be at your gaming store by the end of May. As the community eagerly wait for the soulless Necrons the Tactical Squad is happy to share two Necron cards from the latest upcoming deluxe expansion.

The first spoiler is a four cost army unit.

Immortal Legion


This card has similarities to the Lone Wolf with slightly better stats at an increased cost and a slightly less limiting ability. These boosts do come with a negative though, as the action is limited by the enslavement dial. Due to that I think this unit works better in a deck that is all Necron units or has very few enslaved units as you will want to keep your enslavement dial on your opponent’s faction. However, if you are able to keep your enslavement dial matching your opponent’s faction you will be able to threaten their warlord no matter where they go. The fact that Space Marines are able to negate a lot of damage makes the Lone Wolf a dangerous unit for any opposing warlord to go against even if it won’t get a swing in during the first battle round. Similarly, he Immortal Legion with its 1 extra health and attack along with the Necron ability to heal damage makes this unit a dangerous risk for any warlord that thinks they can win a battle on their own.


The second spoiled card is a 2 cost support that definitely is a nice fit with Immortal Legion.


Master Program

unnamed (1)

This support has a pretty decent cost but it does require another Drone card to be sacrificed. Presently, we have seen a few cards with the Drone trait and the number and play-ability of these cards will influence how often this card gets played. However, if you are able to get this out and a Drone card out without too much of a resource hit, the ability of this support cannot be understated. The ability means that an attack against a Necron unit that doesn’t kill that unit is pretty much negated. This can make Necrons units with higher health that much harder to destroy, let alone readying that unit. Triggering this after all enemy units have attacked can change the tide of a battle. Even, just having this out with a Drone card on the table should make an opponent think twice about sending their warlord to a battle on its own.

Both of these cards seem like they will be able to fit nicely into decks commanded by any of the 3 Necrons warlords we have seen although with The Immortal Legion the deck might want to keep to mostly Necrons units. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the cards in the expansion will work with these and the other cards that have been spoiled. The battlefields of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest are going to be a wash of grey and green in the weeks to come and expect things to be very different once these soulless entities hit the table.  Again The Tactical Squad would like to thank Fantasy Flight Games for allowing us to share these cards with you the community.

Let us know your opinion on these cards or the Necron faction in general, we always love to hear your comments and feedback. From the rest of The Tactical Squad I want to thank you for listening and supporting us. Until next time.

Jon Yeo

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