Deck Club: Big and Nasty

In the second article in our Deck Club series, we take a look at one of the new wave of Elite heavy decks and talk about how it is matching up against the meta.

Travis Provick: Ok, the real reason we are writing this article is because of your “Old One Eye” deck.  I know we have more Elite tools – starting in Legions of Death – but I think you said this deck is now 15-0.  And that includes a Game Night Kit win.

Victor Naqvi:  That’s right.

“Old One Eye” – The Unsquashable

“Old One Eye” (50 cards)
Army (27)
4x Lurking Hormagaunt
2x Ravenous Haruspex
3x Ripper Swarm
3x Scything Hormagaunts
3x Striking Ravener
3x Termagant Sentry
3x Toxic Venomthrope
3x Volatile Pyrovore
3x Ymgarl Genestealer

Support (3)
1x Awakening Cavern
2x STC Fragment
Attachment (9)
1x Great Scything Talons
3x Heavy Venom Cannon
2x Regeneration
3x Ymgarl Factor

Event (11)
3x Backlash
2x Biomass Sacrifice
3x Dark Cunning
2x Ferocious Strength
1x No Mercy

Synapse (1)
1x Stalking Lictor

TP: So, are there any secrets to playing this deck?

VN: Despite the big units, this is not a rush or bully deck. By all means, if planet 1 is Plannum (or Carnath with Plannum on the flop) and you have an Elite and some tricks, go for it. But generally you just want to take as much command as you can in the first turn to set yourself up well for the rest of the game. And often Old One Eye and a Volatile Pyrovore is enough to take planet 1 – unless your opponent is willing to use a lot of shield cards or other tools in opposition.

TP: And then the big guns come out?

VN: You want to get a Striking Ravener out with some supporting attachments. Save the Ymgarl Factor for him. With a few extra resources, the Ravener can take out a whole planet on its own. And with the ability to buff health as well, your opponent isn’t likely to be able to kill it, at least not so that it dies in the combat phase. Don’t forget that the Ymgarl Factor buff lasts until the end of the phase, so the extra ATK and HP can be used in multiple battles if you have a way to move it.

TP: Oh, I’m well aware of that. *sigh*

VN: The Ravenous Haruspex is often the Elite of last resort, but if you see the opportunity to earn a big pay day with him, don’t hesitate to take it. Basically win as much command as you can early and then star the Elite train.

TP: There are also opportunities that your opponent might not be aware of. Ferocious Strength works on synapses, so in a pinch even your Stalking Lictor can wreck some face.

You are still undefeated with this deck. What decks do you think are going to beat it?

VN: Space Marines and Indomitable could be a challenge, as it can disrupt the multiple swings from the Ravener. Hopefully Dark Cunning or Awakening Cavern can get it going again, but that isn’t always possible.

Heavy control/command Eldorath Starbane can be a problem with his strong command game choking you of the resources you need and Nullify shutting down your usual Backlash response to tricks targeting your Elites.

We’d love to hear from our readers in the comments.  If you find any success – of failure – with Victor’s deck, let us know.  If you have your own great deck that you want to share with the world or have a deckbuilding trend that you’d like us to talk about in a future article, please drop us a line.

2 thoughts to “Deck Club: Big and Nasty”

  1. Great deck! Do you feel 2 STC Fragments are enough or would you consider putting in the third? What is your opinion on Venomthrope Polluter? Viable replacement for the Lictor?

  2. Victor has been playing it with 3 STC Fragments lately and thinks that may be the right number. The games I’ve played with it so far have managed despite having only 2, but I need more games with it under my belt to know how impacted the consistency is. With a six card starting hand, dead copies of the card are that much worse.

    The command effectiveness of the Lictor is pretty key to the deck. While Polluter would certainly work, I think it will make it slightly harder to make sure you get a smooth smart and ramp in to the resources you need for your Elites and their toys.

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