War Journal – The Other Star…guy?

Rotation 6 – January 7th to January 28th

Its that time again! only about a month late its time for another War Journal. This time around I will be looking at my play experience with and thoughts about Commander Starblaze. I also played some games with Zarathur, and have moved on from Old One Eye. I’m not sure how much I have that is worth while so they won’t be included today. With that out of the way let’s dig into the 41st millenium’s anime space fish. Read More

Revisiting The Threat Beyond

Its been a while now since the Warlord cycle ended and, while it has taken me a bit longer than intended, there is still a lot to be gained from going back to take another look at those War Packs. I think that, for the Tactical Squad, The Threat Beyond may have been one of the most anticipated War Packs at the time it was originally released. Astra Militarum had mostly been floundering since the Core Set and the pack seemed to include great cards for many factions. With the Warlord cycle in full swing, I think the impact was taken very much in stride. Looking back now this may have been the biggest release of the cycle. But enough build up; let’s talk cards.

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War Journal – There is Only Worr

Rotation 5 – December 3rd to December 22nd

Its been another slow month in my gaming life this December. I only managed to get in 10 games of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest but included in that was the first tournament I’ve been to in a while. With the release of Decree of Ruin I made the decision to focus my limited gaming time on our new Astra Militarum warlord Broderick Worr. While Captain Cato Sicarius and ”Old One Eye” were also sleeved up to play this rotation, I didn’t manage to get enough games with either to warrant reviewing them. So on that note lets talk about our grizzled Militarum vet. Read More

Revisiting Zogwort’s Curse

Well, Worlds Weekend at the FFG Event Centre in Minnesota recently came and went and now that thing have began to calm down it seems I have time to get some more writing done. That means it’s time to continue revisiting the cards we were released during the Warlord cycle, this time looking at the cards contained in the fourth War Pack, Zogwort’s Curse. This pack saw strong tools for many of the factions, though overall it may have been underestimated.

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Revisiting Gift of the Ethereals

It’s time for another in my series of Warlord cycle re-reviews. Today we revisit the third War Pack, Gift of the Ethereals. When we first received this pack I think the members of the Squad were all very excited about getting to play with Aun’shi and exploring a new style of Tau deck. What I don’t think I realized was just how many cards in this pack would become commonly played in competitive decks. So without further delay lets get into the cards. Read More

Revisiting The Scourge

In the first Warhammer 40,000: Conquest War Pack re-review I mentioned one of the main draws of the Living Card Game format is the slowly growing card pool that is expanding with new releases introduced at regular interviews. I’m going to continue the re-evaluation of the cards we’ve seen so far. After having reviewed the card in the game’s first War Pack, The Howl of Blackmane, it only makes sense to continue on with the second set of cards released. Today I’m going to look at the second War Pack, The Scourge.

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The Great Devourer Spoiler – Venomthrope Polluter

The Tyranids will soon become a playable faction in Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, baring their unrelenting hunger down on planets within the Traxis sector. As we get closer to the release of The Great Devourer deluxe expansion Fantasy Flight Games has been previewing more cards from the set. We already know that this release will contain two Tyranid warlords and five synapse units. Of those five synapse units, we have seen full spoilers for two (Savage Warrior Prime and Gravid Tervigon) as well as an obscured card (Stalking Lictor) from the fan for the preview article for Ol’ One Eye.

The Tactical Squad is happy to be able to spoil the fourth Synapse unit from this expansion.

Venomthrope Polluter

Compared to the two spoiled Synapse creatures, the Polluter doesn’t allow you to be as aggressive in fighting battles or to quickly overwhelm your opponents with swarms of Termagant tokens. venomthrope-polluterIt does, however, allow you a certain amount of mobility in terms of getting certain units to where you need them for future battles, or moving a unit back to an earlier planet if you have to commit your warlord to a later planet. This is especially advantageous with units who have the Hive Mind specialization. Moving a unit with Hive Mind turn the tables in an important command struggle or give your units abilities which can change the tide of a battle. The Venomthrope Polluter will require a bit more finesse and planning ahead to get the best use of its ability, but I think a player who decides to put in the effort to think a few turns ahead may reap the reward and surprise their opponents.

The Tactical Squad thanks Fantasy Flight Games for letting us share this Tyranid spoiler with the Warhammer 40,000: Conquest LCG community.

Revisiting The Howl of Blackmane

One of the main draws of the Living Card Game format is the slowly growing and ever expanding card pool that is released. At regular intervals new cards are introduced that change the meta of the game and expand on existing cards. Because of this it is always important to re-evaluate previously released cards and think about how their standing has changed. We’ve now seen all the cards in the Warlord cycle released and the dust has begun to settle. Now is a great time to look back and re-consider the cards that came in each pack. Today I’m going to look at the cards we received in the very first War Pack, The Howl of Blackmane. Read More