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The Tactical Squad
The Tactical Squad is a group of enthusiastic Warhammer 40k: Conquest LCG players who love to hear themselves talk and scream into the void. The podcast frequently includes discussions of upcoming and recently released cards, game strategy, contests, lore, and other game related topics. You can also find us sharing news, our opinions, and more on our blog, facebook, and twitter.


Jon Yeo
Jon is a gamer who dabbles in way more games than he has time for. He was hooked from the first time he saw Lizardmen facing off against Bretonnian knights on a Warhammer Fantasy table. His love of table top games continues today as shown by his armies for Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Dystopian Wars, Infinity and X-Wing. He is also an avid board gamer and enjoys both competitive and cooperative games.

In the last two years he found the LCG format and has jumped heavily into Netrunner and Conquest. On the podcast you can hear him giving him opinions while trying to learn his radio voice to avoid the ire and bolt pistol of Commissar Cybulski.

He can be found on BGG and Octgn as asianavatar


mark-profileMark Tang
Mark (affectionately known as Tang from his friends) prides himself as having the shortest name on this podcast (even though Jon Yeo cheats and shortens his first name from Jonathan).  He enjoys playing Orks (because they are silly).  He doesn’t know much about the Warhammer Universe, but is often educated on it by his cohorts.  He believes Blizzard Entertainment actually created the WH40K universe, which in his mind, clearly ripped off StarCraft.  He says “don’t believe the internet, it’s all manufactured to make it look like Blizzard was heavily influenced by Games Workshop”.  But he knows the truth… and he will not stop until everyone knows!

He is an avid boardgamer and former (terrible) Magic player.  It was via Netrunner that he was introduced to LCGs, and through Elizabeth Malette’s inspiring words and call to arms that brought him into Conquest.  He also loves food… a lot.  

His username on OCTGN is maplehutts (because maplehutt is unavailable, due to Hotmail email accounts not properly receiving the OCTGN confirmation email… stupid Hotmail).  


liz-profileElizabeth Malette
Elizabeth is a long time gamer starting when she was young with the Pokemon video games and tcg. She was really drawn into the hobby by the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k miniatures games. Since then she has spent time playing a large variety of rpgs, minis games, card games, and board games. Currently she focusses primarily on the Conquest and Netrunnes LCGs, along with the Infinity miniatures game.

When not playing games Elizabeth works as a graphic designer and commission miniature painter. Her other interests include roller derby, Star Wars, comic books, and photography.

You can find her online at BGG, OCTGN, CardgameDB, ConquestDB, and other sites as Lizrrdbreath


alex-profileAlex Dean Cybulski
I’m the ‘Commissar of Sound’ for the Tactical Squad and sometimes I can be a little heretical. Jon and Liz are definitely the more professional Conquest players, while I can be a bit of a dilettante when it comes to commitments: that being said, I do love a good Kauyon Strike or a Crushing Blow when the moment calls for it.

Being part of the Tactical Squad is one of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on and I’m grateful for the great community response so far.

If you’re looking for strategy or tips from me, I’ve only got one: the only way you get better at this game is to play, and play a lot. See you at Atrox, xeno scum.

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