Wrath Of The Crusaders – Eldar Spoilers

We are now over half-way through the Planetfall Cycle and with most of the factions getting new warlords or interesting cards, it feels like the Eldar have flown under the radar. As we approach the end of the cycle we are starting to see how the Eldar cards in this cycle fit in with their upcoming warlord as well as bringing some interesting updates to the both Eldorath Starbane and Baharroth. The Tactical Squad is happy to share three previously unrevealed Eldar cards from the upcoming War Pack, so let’s jump right in.

Saim-Hann Kinsman


The first card is just the Eldar version of Sacaellum Shrine Guard. Whatever has been said about that pretty much goes for this as well. It’s a great command capper unit that can survive and defend itself at a green planets. It just makes the command game in both Eldar and Dark Eldar that much stronger. In Tau it will probably see less play but it still might have interesting interactions with Auxiliary Armor. It is unfortunate that it’s just an almost straight copy of a card from another faction, but since that is a card is considered by most to be quite a good card, one can’t really complain that much.

Eldritch Storm


The second card is an event that is also non-loyal. Its effect is like Cacophonic Choir or Dakka Dakka Dakka! in that it deals damage over multiple planets. Unlike those cards, Eldritch Storm only can affect units on planets with the Stronghold (green) icon. However, the damage it does deal at those planets will usually be more significant. It also doesn’t have the negative effect of exhausting your warlord. The card will definitely be harder to use, but when it is used it will most likely be more effective in killing the unit you want dead. The two damage is pretty good in killing off enemy command units, making the already strong Eldar command game even stronger. Like all the other planet type targeting cards, whether their limited use will be worth it will be the big question. There will be games where this card will put you in a position to win or strengthen your position and other games where it will do absolutely nothing.  In terms of use in the other factions it might see play in Dark Eldar, but probably not likely in Tau as they already have decent area effect abilities.

Shuriken Catapult

unnamed (3)

Finally, the last card spoiled is an attachment that is also non-loyal. This card is most likely to be immediately compared to the Ion Rifle. Resource cost wise, it’s the same as playing an Ambush Platform followed by an Ion Rifle. I had first considered this in an Aun’shi deck. Another surprise +3 ATK that doesn’t require an Ambush Platform would be pretty deadly. However, the Warrior limit means it’s only playable on Carnivore Pack and Sting Wing Swarm, both of which don’t see much play. So presently I don’t see this being played in a Tau deck.

Compared to the Tau there are definitely more targets for this attachment in Eldar, so that is a plus right off the bat. On closer look the majority of these Warrior units aren’t presently seen in most Eldar decks, but that might change once the new Warlord comes out. The two exceptions are the Biel-Tan Guardians and Baharroth’s Hawks, both which are great targets for this attachment. Being able to ambush this in can make it a dangerous for any warlord that might try and snipe command from these two units. So overall, its pretty great in Eldar and will probably get better once more of those Warrior units come into play.

Where this card might see the most play is in Dark Eldar. Those evil twins of the Eldar have a whooping 16 units with the Warrior trait with a lot of them seeing play in many decks. Specifically, any player who has been using Saliane Morn will definitely want to try and find a space for this card. She can easily afford the 2 resource cost of the attachment and with the ability to ambush her signature squad or Klaivex Warleader the attachment can easily bring them within warlord killing range.

That wraps it up for the Eldar cards from The Wrath Of The Crusaders  War Pack. Overall, the cards won’t fundamentally change how you build an Eldar deck. They do provide some ways to tweak and improve your Eldar decks to maybe cover some weaknesses. Since all these are non-loyal they also will find some play in both allied factions, with Dark Eldar probably getting the better use out of the two factions. The Tactical Squad would like to thanks Fantasy Flight Games for giving us the opportunity to share these with the community.

Let us know how you plan to use these new additions in the comment section. Also, tune in to the next episode of the podcast to hear the rest of the squad’s opinions on these cards. On behalf of the rest of the members I thank you for supporting and listening to The Tactical Squad. Until next time, Jon Yeo signing off.

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